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Drinkwares/ household products

Double Layer Flask (No Vacuum)
Lexi Bottle (V23) - 600ml
Memo Water Bottle (V23)
Promo Frosty Mug - No Lid
Gina Bottle (V23) - 750ml
Oppo Bottle (V23)- 600ml
Era Bottle (V23)- 500ml
Ace Stainless Steel Mug (V23) - 400ml
Raya Mug (V23)- 500ml
LEKA Vacuum Flask (V23)-500 ml
BUNO Bottle (V23)- 500ml
Buno Vacuum Flask (V23) -500ml
Foldable Bottle 480ml
TF1/TF2 - TF1/TF2 Thermo Vacuum Flasks - S/Steel (with Pouch)
Square Base Mug B - No Handle (V23)- 500ml
Trendy Bottle (V23)- 750ml
TRL 7 (V23) - TRL Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Bottle (V23)- 450ml
Galaxy Stainless Steel Vacuum Thermos Flask - 500ml
Lady Bottle (V23) - 750ml
IMAC Mug (V23) -160z
Semi Metal Tall Mug (V23)
Frosty Mug 1 (V23)
Frosty Mug 2 (V23)
COKE II Double Wall Stainless Steel Thermos Flask - 500ml
Evo Star III Premium Stainless Steel Vacuum Thermos Flask - 500ml
ECO Double Layer PP Bottle - 420ml
FITNESS Dual Insulated Thermos with Handle - 530ml
HINO Series Double Wall Stainless Travel Tumbler - 350ml
GIANT Vacuum Tumbler - 880ml
SPORTS High Silica Glass Bottle with Pouch - 550ml
SWISS Stainless Steel Thermos with PU Sleeve - 500ml
PRIME Stainless Steel Thermos Flask - 500ml
PP Dual Layer Insulated Vacuum Mug - 420ml
Tea Cup Stainless Steel Vacuum Thermos Flask - 500ml
XD Stainless Steel Vacuum Thermos Flask - 500ml
B.W Stainless Steel Fashion Thermos Bottle - 350ml
Lock Tech Stainless Steel Vacuum Thermos Flask - 500ml
Bullet Stainless Steel Vacuum Thermos Bottle - 500ml
LEIA - Vacuum Thermal Flask (410ml)
DENVER - Tritan Drink Bottle with Straw (650ml)
NERO - Tritan Drink Bottle (800ml)
NICO - Tritan Drink Bottle (750ml)
HUGO - Tritan Drink Bottle (800ml)
AUSTIN - Frosted Glass Bottle (500ml)
MIZU - Double Wall Mug (12oz)
COLORADO - Vacuum Bottle (600ml)
CLOUD - Vacuum Thermal Suction Flask (400ml)
FRODO - AS Drink Bottle (600ml)
KATE - Vacuum Flask (500ml)
RHINO - Suction Bottle (450ml)
SOHO - Vacuum Thermal Flask (500ml)
NAIA - Vacuum Thermal Flask (350ml)
MAYOR - Collapsible Cup (355ml)
U Mug - Double Wall Plastic Mug with Lid (532ml)
LIKEME - Glass Bottle w/ Neoprene Pouch (500ml)
BUTTERFLY - Vacuum Thermal Suction Flask (400ml)
GRACE - Double Wall Suction Mug (470ml)
VITALITY SKY - Ceramic Suction Mug (260ml)
CLASSIC - Double Wall Suction Bottle (540ml)
DEER - Double Wall Suction Bottle (330ml)
LARK - Vacuum Thermal Suction Bottle (380ml)
SPIRIT - Double Wall Suction Cup (340ml)
GUARDIAN - Double Wall Suction Bottle (400ml)
HOUSE Shaped Tool Set w/Measuring Tape
Kowell Leather Nail Clipper w/key holder
Foldable Storage Box (S)
FEED - Wheat Straw Cutlery Set
MAGNITO - Tool Set with LED
MIRA - Compact Mirror
REVEAL - Collapsible Straw
FEEL - Straw Set with Felt Pouch
RAW - Straw Set with Jute-Cotton Pouch
MUNCH - Lunch Box
GLOW Bottle Opener
GLOW Measuring Tape
STACK - Lunch Box
TWITCH - Eco Straw
BON-EATO - Eco Cutlery Set
SPORT Towel - 100% Cotton
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